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Lost Along The Way

Photography Book (WIP)

A small excerpt of images from Lost Along the Way - to be published Spring 2021.

Lost Along the Way | Cover

Lost Along the Way | Cover

LATW - Castles Made of Sand

LATW - Waterfall

LATW - Dead Bird

LATW - St Denis Shuffle

LATW - Carved Devotion

LATW - World on Fire

LATW - Souk Legs

LATW - Faith Crevice

LATW - Cactus 2B

LATW - Plasticine Orchid

LATW - The Road to Saas Fee

LATW - Ant Chapel

LATW - Sudaji Makan

LATW - Simalakama


Photography & Drawings
Michael Lawrence
Book Designer
Floor Bijkersma